Patient centered
remote patient monitoring

We bring patients and doctors closer together with personal remote care and customized reporting between office visits, providing the right care in the right place,
every time.

Our formula for success

Patients have an assigned care navigator for a one-to-one relationship. And we place onsite care navigators in each client practice. Remote care with a human-centered approach.

Remote care navigator

Each patient has their own remote care navigator who is their primary advocate and coach. The main goals for each patient are adherence to readings, personal interaction, and overall health coaching.

Onsite care navigator

Onsite care navigators welcome and enroll patients, assisting them with setup and education on usage. They provide in-person tech support when needed and support the practice staff, coaching them on integrating RPM while limiting their interaction and workload.

What Patients Are Saying

See the results of easy, relationship-oriented remote patient monitoring

"Focusing on my blood pressure helps me watch what I eat and make sure I am exercising. I even make sure I am calm and try to avoid arguing with my husband, so it has helped my health and relationships better overall.”

Suzanne B
Age 73

"When I take my blood pressure in the office, it's always above 160/90, but it's normal when I take it at home! I am so grateful for this program because I haven't felt better in years!"

Richard N
Age 73

My health has been fantastic since (RPM). It's so important to be monitored, because most people are not disciplined in taking their blood pressure. But if you know that someone is keeping track, you take it.”

Phillip F
Age 72

Built by providers for providers

All the things providers are looking for in a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program.

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Simple care

Remote patient monitoring should be easy. Dedica patients have a standard blood pressure cuff with no apps or downloads. No wifi required!

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Each patient has their own personal care navigator. Our navigators are a call away and are scheduled to connect with patients regularly.

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Facilitates timely intervention

Allows medication management and scheduling of televisits, office visits, and labs between office appts, before unnecessary emergency department visits and admissions.

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Provider freedom

Dedica handles all patient interactions and delivers streamlined reporting, giving providers hours of their time back.

Digital health with a caring touch

The easiest way to monitor patient data from connected devices between office visits, supporting clinical insights that enable interventions including medication management, televisits, office visits, lab orders, and more, before unnecessary ER visits and admissions.

Remote patient monitoring on the rise

Remote patient monitoring is moving into the mainstream, increasing 555% within the Medicare population. RPM benefits providers treating chronic conditions, reducing unnecessary and repeat emergency room visits and hospital admissions for their patients. Keeping treatment and patients in the home setting improves patients' well being and happiness while reducing costs.

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1 in 7 Deaths in the U.S

In 2020, over 670,000 deaths were attributed to hypertension in the US ( This is taking an increasing toll on health in the United States, with RPM use increasing 555%.

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The Gap in U.S. Healthcare

Traditional office visits provide intermittent monitoring and inconsistent treatment of hypertension. Remote patient monitoring fills those gaps.

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Our Population is Aging

Aging elderly populations and inadequate healthcare staff are increasing the difficulty of coverage. Over 70% of hypertension patients are left short of their treatment—over half of the entire US elderly population.

Keys to successful remote patient monitoring

Dedica Health knows how to launch and maintain a thriving digital care program for client practices.

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High-touch human interaction

Most solutions focus on automated data collection and impersonal app-based or text-based communications. Dedica assigns dedicated Care Navigators to each patient.

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Accessible technology

Dedica does not require patients to download apps, or even own a smart phone, and works with uncomplicated devices, since many elderly patients are not comfortable with technology.

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Reduced clinical staff workload

Dedica’s Care Navigators stand in the gap - proactively following up with patients, providing onsite assistance with patient enrollments and tech support, and triaging patient requests and communications. Properly triaged out-of-range readings, patients requests, and patient messages are communicated to staff via EMR messages when warranted.

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Dedica's path to health

We created the easiest way to monitor patient data from connected devices between office visits.

Patient enrollment

Provider prescribes RPM. Patient receives monitoring device(s) and education and begins taking readings.

Daily readings

Patients take daily readings as prescribed. When readings are missing or out of range, Dedica care navigators reach out to provide positive coaching and engagement.

Navigator check-ins

Dedica care navigators regularly check in with patients to provide positive coaching and engagement.

Review data

Triaged out-of-range readings enable timely medication management, televisits, office visits, and lab orders, before unnecessary ER visits and admissions.

Remote patient monitoring should measurably engage patients in their own care, motivating and encouraging them to take their readings while providing human connection and coaching.